Application Instructions

Application Instructions

What You'll Need

1. Clean surface (preferably a flat surface)

2. Lens cleaning wipes (included in all purchases)

3. Blow dryer


How To Apply

1. Start with a clean workspace and clean hands. Wipe down the surface to remove all dust and hair. Wash your hands with soap and dry hands thoroughly before starting application.

2. Wipe the console with the lens cleaning wipes provided and let it fully dry (takes a few seconds).

3. Grab the corners of the vinyl and gently peel the backing away. Try not to touch the backing too much to help the vinyl adhere better.

4. Align the corners of the vinyl / around the buttons. Apply pressure to smooth down the vinyl once you have it positioned exactly where you want it.

5. Use the blow dryer to smooth out wrinkles and bubbles around the corners. Turn your blow dryer to high heat to warm up the vinyl and use your thumb to smooth out the wrinkles. Heat also helps with reactivating the stickiness of the vinyl!

6. You're all set and ready to enjoy a new console look!


 If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our customer support team at